Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kingdom Quest Clericing - KKP, What Not To Do

Just wanted to share this since it was as humorous as it was educational.  Anyway, I did a KKP run earlier today....

For a slight change of pace this is the "Anti"-tutorial. All you prospective Clerics out there, pay attention, this is what NOT to do.

While it could have been worse, well actually aside from pulling Phinoflie, no, it really couldn't have been worse.

Basically this is a video of me party-less in KKP tanking the end-boss without the aid of any Heals or not even a Restore. The four Clerics who (ahem) "participated" only focused on their party, didn't bother checking aggro on the boss to see who was taking the damage.

While I didn't tank the whole thing, I did about 70% or so I'd estimate, that's still no excuse at all for them. I didn't realize that other Fighter was battling me for aggro, he actually took it from me on a couple of occasions... grr... but alas, you-know-who ended up with it in the end!  (grins from ear to ear)  GenGoGu will be one to watch for while he remains KKP eligible... I smell another Aggro Battle on the horizon!

Of course I could have asked for a party, actually I had a party in the beginning. I was partied with 1 Cleric, then he dug out to join another party. I just kept my mouth shut and remained solo, figuring this would make for an interesting video if none of the Clerics paid any attention to me... So with that in the back of my head, I fired up FRAPS and this was the result!

Nothing special on my end, build-wise 3:4 DEX:END, +9 66 hat, +9 70 shirt, +9 68 pants, +6 55 boots, +9 Casha Shield, +10 70 Green Sword.

Sparkcash items: USA Soccer Uniform +5% Crit, +3% Dmg., DJ Headphones +2% Evasion, Mini-Rudolph Pet +2 All Stats.

Not married, no guild-buff.

T3 Scrolls (Vit, Def, M.Def, Eva).

Accidentally used 2 Candy Canes (100% HP/SP Potion).

The video, with music, is best viewed from my YouTube page:


  1. I do agree there's a lack o good clerics nowadays. In Mini Dragon KQ is also noticeable. Ocasionally you find a very good cleric, amazing, even above the expectations.
    I think there's a list of things today's clerics could work on: 1. Not just retain on your party, 2. Time the heals and the animation, some just spam heal when they need to now when the boss is hitting and when the damage is made, 3. Time the heals and aggro, clerics need to know when to spam skills and when not to do it being conscious that they can draw aggro, 4. Last but not least challenge must be accepted, they must be fearless of any situation and take risks while having in mind their own limitations.

    I'm by no means a good cleric and I do not consider myself as that but I've seen some clerics doing an amazing job and those points were what I can see in their play style.

  2. One question here, the USA soccer uniform gives you bonus to crit and dmg?

    I thought those outfits were bonus-less, at least the perm versions (and also I thought only perm version were released)

  3. The USA/Mexico soccer unis were sold in a 30-day bundle as part of that "Coolist" event about a month ago. They were listed as statless, but when they arrived in my inventory, *surprise!* they had stats. If I knew they were like that I would've bought more than just 1.. it was only like 1400sc total for both costumes!

  4. FRAPS crashes Fiesta for me, the '.bin' error, any advise?


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