Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who Says Henneath Never Fills, Much Less Succeeds?

So there I was grinding and questing away on my ultra-super-top-secret Ranger project when I found myself needing to turn quests in in Uruga, but I was all the way out in Swamp of Dawn.  I only had a single Uruga scroll left, I didn't want to burn it just yet. The Henneath KQ's recruiting just went live so I figured I'd join and in about 30 minutes, when recruiting ended, I'd suicide out of the KQ and end up back in Uruga... at least I think it takes you to Uruga. 

But slowly the KQ started to fill... three people, then six, a roar went out to the server calling for participants, then eight, nine, and finally thirteen!  Wow!  Still short of the maximum twenty, but still a really decent turn out.  Running perilously low on both HP and SP stones, those Laplans were just whacking me to death earlier, I quickly tried to teleport to Sand Hill.  Unfortunately, I got the "Disconnected From Server" message as the game consumed my teleport scroll.  Fearful I'd run out of time to get back in, I hurriedly restarted Fiesta and was able to join in time, scroll (again) to Sand Hill and restone as the 10 second timer was counting down... WHEW!

So there we were, a bunch of 9x players thrown into the fray, no idea of the capabilities of the other players, we threw caution to the wind and headed out.  With just one Cleric amongst us, the road ahead seemed a difficult one, but with enough Fighters, Tricksters, and Mages, we'd be able to put on a decent showing.  Hordes of mobs were gathered, stunned, and frozen in place, we were making great progress and facing zero adversity so far.

We cleared the first floor, then the second, then the third.  It was like we've done this before!  Well, I think many of us had on other characters... but anyway, /insert tense, dramatic music.  The Boss had arrived and I went to pull it, I got it down the hill when suddenly a fighter kicked it!  Oh no, what was he thinking?!  Thankfully, the fighter had some sense and continued to just kite the Boss, not try to tank it in place.  Whew.. disaster averted!

So round and round we went as the Boss summoned her minions.  We kited the Boss to death and then went back to clean up her leaderless followers.  Their arrows and fireballs mowed down some of our ranks, but we persevered.  We summoned up whatever courage and fight we had left and prevailed!

Thirteen brave souls, a hodgepodge of classes with little experience together accomplished something I didn't think we would do.  With a smile on my face, after arriving in Aberstoll Ruins after the successful KQ, I gladly consumed my last Uruga scroll and turned in my quests.

Thank you brave adventurers of Bijou, you made my day.



  1. Wow ... I was there. Tekagi_Shuko a trickster and tank. I'm always looking to do this KQ because it is not that hard. A tank, a few mages and a cleric is all that is needed. I have won it with as few as 4 people. But then, I'm an old veteran of this having leveled out of it with a Holy Knight, then a Wizard. Still have yet to try it as an archer. But that will come soon.

  2. Once we succeed doing that kq with 2 mages and 1 archer. Was a lot of fun and we got like 15 minutes left :) Those days....


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