Monday, April 29, 2013

Epith Adventures... I Think The Game Is Telling Me Something

So here I am, spending a week in Epith starting today.  Why?  Just because, I guess.  I'll still pop in to Bijou from time to time, but I wanted to spend a week away just by myself meeting new people and seeing the same game through another server's eyes.

This is by no means a permanent move, please keep that in mind.  I just wanted to see what I could accomplish in a week, living SparkCash free, notoriety free, and without massive sums of money and equipment already sitting in my storage.  I'll be playing as a newcomer to the game, but unlike a normal newcomer, I already have a lot of knowledge about the game to carry over with me.

I've kept a little bit of a diary, but I'll get more in-depth into certain areas if I feel they are of importance, if you like what I've done over the course of a week, by all means feel free to follow along and copy.

In the sake of full disclosure, I started this project on April 10th, but shelved it immediately after the damage bug was discovered after maintenance and Fiesta shut down again for emergency maintenance.  At the time of emergency maintenance, I was level 6, so this is where we will resume.

So, what's the title have to do with this entry?  I'll tell you...

Starting off, the easiest class to play and succeed with is the Fighter class.  There really is no comparison.  Highest base DEF, highest HP, very good damage early on.  With any "farming" class I create, it's typically going to be the Fighter.  The Fighter, if played right, doesn't normally need to depend on others for their successes.  Fighters make excellent solo-adventurers and farmers, while they have a low SP pool and carry few SP stones, SP potions are easily made and drop fairly often enough in the area I plan to farm.  So here she is, my Epith Fighter is born.

Of course a makeover is a must have, so off to Vietree we go!

Much better!

So.. what do I think the game is telling me?  Well considering that all of my green equipment drops tend to be Archer drops... maybe that really is my destiny.  But it's not only drops... take a look at this!

Yeah, weird huh.. I thought the days of the bugged titles were gone, but apparently not.  I don't know how, why, or where I received this title, but my Fighter is apparently a Hawk Archer now.  Oh well, let's go with it!  "Imma be the best damned Hawk Archer Epith has ever seen!" So if you see a blonde newbie Fighter running around Epith with the Hawk Archer title, that may just be me!

So yeah... perhaps it's in my destiny to fling arrows at my enemies.  Just not today.

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  1. My trickster got a Mage title... Woohoo! Bugged titled ftw!


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