Monday, April 8, 2013

Player Feature: Kolmen (Bijou - Level 43 Fighter)

 So there I was sitting around my Estate, not really doing much of anything, when another adventurer strolled on in and had a seat in the empty chair in front of me.  He didn't partake in my tea, declined to read a book, he just continued to sit there staring at me. 

With writer's block creating a stranglehold on my creative juices, I figured, why not take this opportunity to meet someone new and maybe interview them for my blog?  And that's where this story begins...


Fighter:  Level 43
Age: 14
Time in Isya:  11 days

FatalLace: Kolmen, so how did you end up with us here in Isya?
Kolmen:  I was watching anime online and saw an ad for Fiesta, so I joined.

FL:  Are you enjoying the game so far?
Ko:  Yes, absolutely.

FL:  What's the most enjoyable thing about your adventures here so far?
Ko:  Making money, I've been selling cards and other stuff.

FL:  Has there been any bad experiences?  Any frustrations?
Ko:  No, not really.  Only frustrating thing is when nobody buys from my shop, I also wish there were more classes of characters.

FL:  Have you tried all the other classes?
Ko:  Yes, fighter is my favorite, Trickster is my least favorite.  I don't like the Trickster class because their defense is poor.  One hit makes up for all the rest that didn't hit him.

FL:  So far, how has the Bijou community treated you?
Ko:  I've had no problems, there are some aggressive players, but I enjoy it.

FL:  Do you see yourself continuing to play Fiesta in the next six months?
Ko:  Yes, I see myself at around level 85 by then, hopefully leveling in Aberstoll Ruins.

FL:  Would you suggest Fiesta to your friends?
Ko:  I already have, they've started to play also.  They're trying to catch up to me, they're all enjoying it.

FL:  Have you played other MMOs before?
Ko:  No, this is my first.

FL:  Any suggestions for the developer to make the game more interesting?
Ko:  I would like to see a character with guns, not rifles, but pistols.  Something that's more powerful, but slower than the other classes.

Admittedly, I chuckled at the last suggestion, but who's to say what does and doesn't belong in this game anymore?  I mean we've gone from animal mounts to cars, motorcycles, and hoverboards.  Will guns be in our future?  It's probably doubtful, but you never know.

I really did enjoy my brief time chatting with Kolmen.  For a player that's relatively young and new to the game, he has a good handle on things so far.  I would be interested to see where he ends up six months from now. 

Game imbalances and reliance on the cash shop aren't so apparent early on, hopefully he maintains the positive attitude he displayed today. 

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  1. (kolem here <---) well i hope some1 with influences with the game creaters might accept my idea cause i would like a pistol character i might be called mercenari


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