Thursday, April 25, 2013

TBT: Old Lifetap Animation

Wasn't it just epic looking?  This was before skills could be cast while running.  Life Tap was just extraordinary....


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  2. I missed the old magic blast, the one with a shiny magic circle before launching the blast.. It was the reason why I put up with my mage (which was my 1st ever starter character, and which I nearly gave up on because of his squishiness) I remember getting help killing kebings in luminous stone, and the mage helping me spam it all over the place.. Sadly, I never got to use it because the animation change took place 1 week before I hit 49.. Same thing with Nova. I hit 60 and found out "some" animations were bugged back then and Nova became invisible.. When they fixed it, they replaced the old nova with the new animation, which means I never get to see my mage using the old Nova too..

  3. I loved lifetap! The way my magey swirled her staff around was just epic!


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