Saturday, July 17, 2010

Advanced Trust Set Completed - Holy Knight

Just a brief update, we've now completed the Advanced Trust Set for Holy Knights.  Congratulations to SenzaMisura!

The chest piece was also the last piece to be acquired.  During our trips out to LN today, we recovered this shirt along with Protection Armor and Pants for the Guardian Class.  The Advanced Trust Set is the 3rd set we have completed so far since we began farming Leviathan's Nest a little more than a week ago.  I will post the Advanced Warrrior (Gladiator) Set later.

Beauty Shop Gender Change screenies courtesy of SenzaMisura.  Set effects forthcoming.


 Male Version - Front View

Male Version - Back View

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  1. Just wondering if you didn't mind posting what the effects of these sets are as well? I could not find them on the forums... Great blog though! ^^


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