Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Mission Objective:  Recover all 4 pieces of level 100 SharpShooter Armors buried within the bowels of Leviathan's Nest.

Secondary, Unconfirmed Objective:  Be the first female SharpShooter in Bijou to acquire all 4 pieces.  Pixel vanity must be maintained at all times.

Mission Details:  Infiltrate Leviathan's Nest via Roumen's Lighthouse.  Eliminate all opposition along the way including Leviathan's underlings King Boogy and King Crab.  Expect strong opposition in the forms of Bats, Caiman Juniors, Boogys, Alcas, Caimans, Gargoyles, Baridons, Crabs, Mad Slugs, and Snakes. No opposition should be left standing in the way of completing the mission.

Additional Team Member Breakdown:
  • Gladiator or Knight, Wizard or Warlock, HolyKnight, and Guardian.
  • Note:  At least one mage is typically necessary, one cleric is very necessary.
Mission Notes:  Although the primary objective is to acquire the four SharpShooter pieces, other rare armors may be collected and distributed along the way.  Armor drops should be reserved for the specified class to ensure harmony and cooperation amongst the team.  Armor drops are random, the mission may need to be repeated over and over.  Picking up armor that is not specified for you renders the item useless as it cannot be stored, traded, or sold once it has touched the oils of your skin.  Great care is advised when looting the Nest.

Mission Success Stories:
Armors Gained:
  • SharpShooter - Skirt and Boots acquired 07/14/2010.
  • Ranger - Shirt and Boots acquired 07/14/2010.
  • Gladiator - Helms acquired on 07/13/2010 & 07/14/2010.  Boots acquired on 07/13/2010.  Pants acquired on 07/14/2010 but subsequently vanished before a Gladiator could be summoned to retrieve.
  • Knight - Boot acquired on 07/13/2010 but destroyed before Knight could be summoned.  Shirt acquired on 07/12/2010 but destroyed before Knight could be summoned.  Pants twice acquired on 07/15/2010.
  • HolyKnight - Helm recovered on 07/15/2010
  • Guardian - Boot recovered on 07/12/2010 but destroyed as no Guardians were available for pick up.
  • Warlock - No armors recovered.
  • Wizard - Pants recovered on 07/13/2010 but destroyed as no Wizards could be summoned in time to retrieve.
File Photos:

The Beginning of The Nest

 Mission Spoils:  The SharpShooter Skirt - Acquired 07/14/2010

Mission Spoils:  The SharpShooter Boot - Acquired 07/14/2010


  1. Go get that adorable armor Lace :P

  2. I'm trying!!!!!

    2 down, 2 to go :)

  3. niceeeeeeeeeee wish they were tradeble >.>


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