Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Stargazer' Weapon Skins!

Well they're here!  Of course with my weakness for all things pixel-pretty, I had to hand James my piggy bank and take a few turns banging away on the forge.  Luckily the bow came up pretty quickly, unfortunately it's only a 3k durability one.  Even so, I kept it, I couldn't bear to part with it... I don't know how much actual grind time it will see, but I suppose it's an option since I also won a 3k Repair Kit.

A few other items I finagled from crotchety old James:
10k Stargazer Staff
25k Stargazer Wand
3k Stargazer Hammer
10k Repair Kit
T2 Perfect Red Eyes (Yes I checked, they're not those deceptive 50%'ers)

Not too bad, I turned in 4 other items for credit (2 50% Eyes, 1k Repair Kit, 3k Stargazer One Hander), had one credit from before so I got a free spin.  As long as I stop here, I think I made my money's worth.

Thanks James and thank you OutSpark!

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