Monday, July 12, 2010

Mimic Quest Conclusion

I hit 102 last night on my cutesy sharpshooter so my Mimic'ing days are passed me.  I had completed but didn't turn in about 130million exp in quests prior to hitting 102 as well so I got that all handed in and done and sit at a little over 30% on my way to 103.... I was so tempted to just turn that huge chunk of experience in and get to 102 quickly, but I'm really glad that I didn't.  Turning it in at 101 would have just ensured that I would have to kite even more at 102 *gasp!*...

so anyway, about the Mimic quest... this repeatable is HIGHLY recommended.  At 6.9m experience per turn in, you can level up fairly quickly from 96-102 with minimal effort.  The quest requires only one quest item to be turned in also.  I don't know how it is on the other servers at the various spawn locations in Swamp of Dawn, but in Bijou things were pretty laid back.  Occasionally you would get a drop thief or a kill stealer, but for the most part it was fairly easy and drama-free.

It definitely helps to get a party if you're humble, well-mannered and talkative.  You typically see the same groups of people rotating in and out and the Bijou players were always nice enough to boot out any AFK players to make room for an active participant.  If there isn't a slot open, you can simply ask one of the party members to give you a whisper should the spot open up.  Oftentimes there has been a queue of players waiting patiently and admirably to get in.  Being the type of player that often AFKs until your turn is near is a good way to get dropped further down that waiting-queue.  So again, be humble, be pleasant, be courteous.

We generally took turns on the drops as this was the fairest way to distribute the drops among multiple people.  Keeping the order is the job of all of the party members to ensure integrity.  There will be times when there are no drops for 20 minutes or longer and sometimes players will forget and get antsy.  So even if someone happened to get line-jumped, it's no reason to get all bent out of shape, just promise the next drop to the one that was slighted and re-establish the order after that.

No need to get bent out of shape, just re-establish the order. =)

At the 100+ level range, each turn in equates to about 1.5 - 2% of your total experience needed.  At times you can average about 4-5 turn ins per hour, sometimes more depending on the party itself (class distribution, active members, etc).

Someone asked on the OutSpark forum if there are differing drop rates based on the difficulty of the mimcs themselves.  In my experience, I would say no.  The Crazy Mimic is by far the most difficult of the three varieties, but from what I personally experienced, the drop rate is no different.  The most ideal location will always be the three-spawn Quiet Mimic spot near the Tear's Marsh entrance.  Squishier soloers take advantage of the Small Mimic since they have less HP and do less damage, however there is only one mob there.

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