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Guest Blogger: Leapfrogging Mean Giant Honeying (MalauKnight)

I wanted to thank and welcome my second guest blogger, MalauKnight of Bijou for his Honeying KQ Tutorial.  This tutorial write up actually dates back to 2008 when Malau had approached me about submitting this walk-through for the Fiesta Magazine.  I gave him the okay, but things just didn't quite pan out back then and the feature never ran.  But thankfully, we ran into each other again in-game and were able to put this together for all of you.

If anybody else would like to contribute to the blog, feel free to send me a message on the forums (FatalLace), and we'll see if we can work something out.  Thanks everyone, enjoy the walkthrough!

Every time someone mentions “Mean Giant Honeying KQ” my eyes become wide and sparkle like a little kid at a candy store about to get a massive sugar rush because MGH KQ is by far one of my fave KQs in Fiesta. Now, some might call me crazy but the KQ is actually very simple once you know the mechanics and tricks behind it. Here, I’ll give you some tips on how you can finish the KQ with at least 10:00mins on the clock (ps. sc items such as charms etc might not even be necessary if you have a good team with you).

Now the first trick about MGH KQ is that it is HIGHLY advisable that you do it with your guildies or a group of friends whom you are comfortable with in terms of teamwork as this KQ is all about teamwork. Another reason for this is that since you know each other, you can anticipate what the others are doing thus increasing your chances of success.

Also, in terms of class type and level of the players, fighters should be at least LVL 43 so they can get the full benefit of devastate while the tankers are recommended to be at least LVL 45 so they can equip a full LVL 45 Blue set. As for clerics, it is recommended to be LVL 47 so they have Endure to buff people up during KQ if needed. Mages can be any level as long as they spam their skills but a LVL 49 mage would be more effective as you would have Magic Blast at this level. And archers should spam their DOTs and Multi Shot skill.

Now, for the strategy in MGH KQ which my guild has aptly coined as “the leapfrog” technique. Basically, when the KQ starts, the tanker of party A (Alpha) will go ahead and pull the first batch of mobs (around 10-15) to one side and then devastate it. While Alpha is doing this, tanker of party B (Bravo) will go ahead and pull another batch of mobs and then devastate it.

This means that there are two aoes going on at once and each party must focus on their “aoe pull”. Now, once Alpha’s pull is dead, tanker Alpha will move ahead of Bravo’s aoe and pull a new batch of mobs and start to demolish it. Once Bravo’s pull is dead, tanker Bravo should move ahead of Alpha’s 2nd aoe... basically, you leap frog each other

If you do this properly, you should be able to clear the ground floor within 5-6 minutes or so.

Now, once you reach the first floor, make sure the Big Bone Imps are killed first as they can stun. Again, leap frog your way through the floor and you should be able to clear it with around 20:00 minutes left on the clock.

As soon as you enter the second floor, Alpha will gather the Poison Procks and Big Bone Imps together and kill them all first. It is essential that they are killed first as Procks can poison you while Imps can stun you. This floor might take some time if you’re not careful as again, the Procks and Imps will slow you down. However, don’t give up and keep leap frogging. You should reach the final gate with at least 12:00 minutes to spare.

Ok, now comes the tricky part, facing the big kahuna, Giant Honeying. Before you charge in for the kill, kill the Shadow Honeyings first. Alpha can go right while Bravo goes left.

Once all spawns are dead, the main tanker can go attack Giant Honeying. However, don’t get too caught up with killing Giant Honeying as you also need to kill the spawns. So, during each spawns (there’s 4), let the main tanker attack Giant Honeying while the rest of the players destroy the spawns. Only once the spawns are dead should the rest help kill Giant Honeying. And at the last spawn, get the cleric to cast “Invincible” on the main tanker as the spawns is rather large. And if all goes well, you should be able to see the shiny blue “success” word appear on your window!

Hope that shed some light to those having trouble with MGH KQ. And once you get use to it, you might just get that sugar rush I get every time my guildies and I go for Honeying KQ raid :3 *ribbet ribbet*

Ps. Sorry if the explanation is too long XD if you wish to see a leapfrog MGH KQ, please feel free to find me in Bijou, MalauKnight or ask any of my guildies, Clothes on Fire.
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  1. nubby malau ish pro *o*! really makes me want to try it out xD!... when i retire rocker..cause my wallet will beg me to stop buying cookies

  2. woot!! fatal posted it! Thanks fatal. And I probably should've explained a bit more but I thought that it's already too long. This is actually a more refined guide to what I had came up with back in 2008. Anywhos, my guildies and I are still continuing our MGH tradition (we call him Big Bob) till today and we're aiming for 15 minutes if possible. And as far as I know, we have never cookied/charmed for Honeying so again, it's all about teamwork :) If you guys wanna see it done, whisper me cuz we all love to massacre Big Bob :3

  3. Malau, Think you should make a vid of it. Even if it's just taking down Giant Honeying.

  4. haha malau! didn't know you wanted to post on fatal's blog.

    And i'm a proud raider too with you guys but i apologise for being really busy at work.

    let's do bob on my off day :p

    @rob: not yet, none of us got any blues up to this day :D



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