Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finally! Leviathan's Nest - Warlock Set Completed

After literally months and hundreds of Leviathan's Nest runs, I've finally completed my Advanced Blast Set for my Warlock!  The boots proved to be highly elusive, not saying it drops less than the other pieces, it was just the hardest for me to obtain.  It was such a relief to see it finally drop, though I'm a little disappointed in how it looks.  It doesn't quite match the rest of the armors....

The boots have a shine to them that looks far more metallic and is of a lighter color than the rest of the pieces.  If it had been darker like the rest of the armor, it would have matched a bit more.  I guess I'm nitpicking though.  And the "panty" hat?  Ugh, couldn't we have just gotten something like the Wizards?

Curious what the Male version looks like?  Well here you go... it's um... different?

Guess this is another case of the female version of armor/costume looking better than its male counterpart.  Okay first off, what's with the exposed chest?  More akin to a Gladiator than a Warlock really.  Those dragon-skin looking pants are alright, a bit form fitting... but the worst part is when you turn him around....

Okay!  So what's with the target on his ass?  Now this has me worried... does my cutesy girl Warlock suffer the same indignity as the male version?

Hmm... okay there's still a bullseye there, but at least it's closer to her hip.  I can live with that.  I hadn't seen it earlier because I usually have the Arctic Fox Tail covering up her backside.  Excuse my huge sigh of relief.

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