Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Backwards Thinking? February 22, 2011 OSKI

 Alrighty, it's Tuesday, that means it's time for weekly Fiesta Maintenance!

If you're at all like me, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, I always look forward to Tuesdays to see what new wrinkles OutSpark and OnsOnSoft throw at us this week.  Exciting new content obviously can't come at us everyweek so oftentimes we're left with the semi-mundane, general housekeeping type of update, which is more or less what we have this week...

From the OSKI:
The Outspark Insider
February 22th, 2011
Fiesta Game News

Greetings Isyans!

It's Tuesday again, that means it's time for a patch!  The patch tonight includes some minor changes and fixes to help improve the Fiesta experience.  The servers will be shutting down starting at10:00PM PST, and the maintenance has a planned completion of 12:00AM PST, for a total of 2 hours. Check the server announcements located in the Fiesta forums for updates is case the process is completed any sooner (or later).

High Level Changes
- Adjusted the "Invincible Hero's Insignia" PvP quest so it is levels 95 - 110.  (Since the related PvP KQ is for that level)

 - Dragon's Relic key will no longer be deletable due to a large number of users mistakenly deleting it.  (Players can request through the help desk for item deletion, but once a delete is requested item will not be restored)
- Matchmaker Mania event closing

Errors and Bugs
- Fixed certain plant spawns that were previously inaccessible.  (If more inaccessible plant spawns exist, please report them to the help desk)

We'll see you all after the patch, Isyans!
Okay, so a couple of positives, first off the 95-110 PvP KQ Insignia Quest has been fixed, although I didn't even realize there was a problem with it to begin with, other than the fact that it was added in last week after over almost 2 years of us carrying around worthless Insignias that we couldn't turn in and dare not throw away.  I turned in about 20 of these insignias on my Warlock and got back around 156k exp per.  I guess it's expected that it wouldn't have been something massive, but still 156k seems so insignificant.  That's less than even 1 pull in an AOE pt.

Alright Dragon's Relic necklace issue... now this is where I'm confused.  Apparently us players have been deleting the necklace by mistake and having to open tickets through Support to have the items restored so that level 80-90 players can access Dragon's Tomb.  A couple of things that I think could have been differently than how it is now...

1.  Change the icon for the Dragon's Relic!  Currently the Dragon's Relic looks like a regular necklace that we all just NPC, similar to a Bronze Necklace.  It's just way too easy for players to mistakenly toss it.  We constantly see reskins of items, mobs, and equipment icons, why not use something for the Dragon's Relic that's a little more unique that's at least a bit more attention grabbing, like this?

2.  Eliminate the requirement for the item completely.  Dragon's Tomb, Leviathan's Nest, and Secret Laboratory all have entry item requirements, but why?  Tower of Iyzel and Crystal Castle do not.  Maybe it's OnsOn's attempt to have the experience of these higher level instances be more unique, but it's just window dressing.  If having the entry item is so essential, why not add it into the Passive Skills like Mining, Ride Mover, and Estate?

I think both, or actually all three really, solutions would be steps in the right direction rather than having us again be stuck with the item and now have to submit a ticket to have the item removed.  Every empty box of inventory space is precious and I can almost guarantee that there will be more tickets generated once players move out of the DT level range to eliminate their bound Dragon's Relics than there were tickets to originally have them restored.  I guess we'll just see how it goes...  Happy Maintenance Everyone!


  1. I'd actually heard from a guildie that the quest couldn't be picked up from 95-99 for pvp kq (never actually went to check on my 97, since Nina is out of the way, but I do know it was there for my 100). Not completely sure if that's it, but just an idea~

  2. Oh that makes sense then if that was the problem. I don't have any characters in the 95-99 range so it seemed everything was hunky-dory!


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