Sunday, August 15, 2010

Down Time Fun - The Nest Slime Challenge

Every now and then all players experience some down time in Fiesta, whether it be after a guild war, after an intense grind session, after an hour of questing, after reaching that next milestone, or simply when your batteries just need a recharge, it's important to fill your time with interesting activities.

You could dance in Elderine like everyone else, maybe farm some Toadstools in Uruga, or kill time (and players) in your FBZ of choice... Today I decided to have a bit of fun with a couple of mid-level players in Forest of Tides.

When Leviathan's Nest was introduced a quest mob was placed in Forest of Tides (coordinates I-2), called the Nest Slime.  His cheerful appearance and normally docile nature really are just a facade that hides the true terror within.  He's a level 93 mob mixed in with a bunch of level 17-20 mobs.  He doesn't aggro, so even if it's a chance encounter that you should run into him, unless you attack him, you should be fairly safe.

He's not much to look at, just your normal run-of-the-mill Slime with red pigment or is it food coloring in that gelatinous body?

So anyway, here's the rub.... those two middies were shouting back and forth on the map, just chit-chatting when I challenged them to kill the Nest Slime.  Thankfully, neither of them knew the mob existed so they didn't think anything of it.  Included in the challenge was a level 51 Archer (dead_arrows) and a pre-promotion level 60 Cleric (KaiPhoenix).

dead-arrows stepped up to the plate first launched his first volley of arrows and was frighteningly surprised that he did little damage to the smiling blob of goo.  And then, the chase was on.

dead-arrows deftly kited the big red slime clear around the entire Forest of Tides map.  Twice.

We ran between some trees.

We visited the sea shore.

We dipped our feet in the ocean.

We ran through open fields.

And we ran through forest areas.

There were maybe only 2 or 3 close calls... Like when he nearly crashed into a stump.

All in all, dead-arrows truly did a phenomenal job successfully kiting the Nest Slime to death with an elapsed time of around 9minutes and 45seconds (estimated from first screenshot to last), totalling 2 complete laps around the Forest of Tides map!  This could be a record for the lowest level solo kill of the Nest Slime!

That was a heck of a lot of work for a measly 1 EXP, so I rewarded his successful kite with 500s.

I then turned my attention to KaiPhoenix, the ever patient Cleric that ran with us around Forest of Tides, twice.  He was DEFINITELY NOT lacking confidence!

So the gauntlet was extended to him as well.  Successfully tank the Nest Slime and 500s would be his.... Unfortunately....

... He got smushed.

I still rewarded his effort with 500s, for even attempting this legendary (for a level 60) feat.  Fatal always honors the brave.  May you rest in peace young cleric, you will have your revenge in 30 levels.

So that's it... another entry in the blog, another adventure of the day, and 2 new friends in Bijou.  I'm 1 gold lighter in my bank, but it was worth it.  Until next time....

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  1. I kitied that slime too, but i dont remember i got any silver, just 4k EXP

  2. well u wouldn't have gotten silver from the Nest Slime itself, I rewarded the player that did it.

  3. Hahahaha, I somehow missed this entry before. Too funny.


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