Monday, August 23, 2010

Decision 2010 - Help Me Decide!

The Isyan Explorer Events have finally come to a conclusion with the announcement of the Winners and Honorable Mentions in the Endless Summer screenshot event.  Thankfully my submission was good enough to be awarded one of the Honorable Mentions.  I only needed to have one of the top 7 entries, and I figured I had a more than decent shot when my entries were finalized and submitted.  Sure enough, they were!

So now I've accumulated all 4 Explorer pieces required to be awarded one of the grand prizes, the White Cat Ears and White Cat Tail permanent costume pieces!  There is also a TBA prize forthcoming as well.  The TBA prize was necessary because the previously announced in-game title award could not be done according to the developers.  I'm really excited to see what OutSpark decides on for this one!

Okay so now that I know I've won, how do I decide which of my four characters should receive the prize?  It's a mind-numbing decision... So being that this is an election year, I decided to have all four candidates give their reasons as to why they should receive the prize and also allowed for the other candidates a rebuttal.

So here they are:

"Wow, 5 months ago, who would have even thought that this question would be up for debate?  There is no question that these precious items should belong to me, your true alter-ego here in Isya.  It is with me that you are most recognizable and with me that we can do the most good.  Together, we built the legacy you now sit atop.  I am not far behind that SharpShooter of yours as far as leveling goes, and who knows, perhaps I will be of more service to the guild in my capacity as a Warlock then a single archer could ever be.  The choice remains clear despite your new found affinity for that girl that shoots sticks at people." -- FatalLace

Level 101 Warlock (Pure INT Build)
Weapon of Choice: +10 Hellgait Wand
Current Stomping Ground:  Swamp of Dawn - Mimics
Mode of Transportation:  Cupcake Cat & Earth Dragon
Permanent Items:  South Korean Soccer Uniform, Lantern Staff Skin (10k), Cold Hearted Wand Skin (25k), Trumpy Hearts Wand Skin (10k), Wintertide Wand Skin (10k), Stargazer Wand Skin (25k), Platinum Crown.
Other Items of Note:  Red Valentine's Day Staff, Goblin Staff (Level 50 Blue).

"I believe that I am the most worthy to have these items simply because I am your new main character.  I have wrenched myself deep into your heart and soul, even wresting control away from your namesake.  It is with me that you plan to attack the new cap raise and experience new adventures with. The items would be wasted on anyone else as they would hardly see the light of day. Since the items are permanent, should it not go to your most played character?  That would be me.  Let's go conquer the Dark Continent together with our new ears and tail tagging happily along." -- Faytal

Level 103 SharpShooter (STR/DEX Build)
Weapon of Choice: +10 Hellgait Bow
Current Stomping Ground:  Alberstoll Ruins
Mode of Transportation:  Speedy Simian & Raccoon
Permanent Items:  Black Cat Ears, Honeying Hat, Honeying Tanktop, Teva Bow Skin (3k), Stargazer Bow Skin (3k), Trumpy Hearts X-bow Skin (10k), Lantern X-bow Skin (10k).
Other Items of Note:  Teva X-bow, Beak of Canary (Level 50 Blue)

"I really don't think I have much of a chance here, I am, afterall, your least played character, I'm clearly the biggest underdog in this race.  I do not complain though, I understand my role and embrace it.  I am your financial rock, your overnight vendor.  It is through me that you are able to sell both your created items as well as those pieces of equipment that you do not need.  I bide my time, waiting for when you need me to pick up sword and shield and carry on.  We had so many great times in Dragon's Tomb, my costume usually a mish-mash of non-matching 7-day items you acquired from Remi's.  But again, never a complaint, always just happy to spend time together.  Even the most quiet of us need love every-so-often, it's time you showed me some." -- WinterLace

Level 90 Warrior, future Knight (STR/DEX Build)
Weapon of Choice: +10 TBK 1h and +9 Heater Shield
Current Stomping Ground:  Uruga - Vending
Mode of Transportation:  Tiger Raccoon
Permanent Items:  Lantern 1h Skin (25k), Lantern Axe Skin (10k), Trumpy Hearts 1h Skin (25k), Trumpy Hearts 2h Skin (25k), Platinum Crown.
Other Items of Note:  Flight of Cainance 1h (Level 50 Blue), Gaze of Cainance 2h (Level 50 Blue), Rage of Cainance Axe (Level 50 Blue)

"Even though I occupy mid-level status amidst the four contestants, I'm still considered the 'baby' around here.  My identity still hasn't been completely fleshed out since suffering that accident that caused my amnesia.  The trauma I suffered was so bad that I couldn't remember my name, nobody really remembered me by sight, so you held an event to pick a new name for me.  A name that would stand the test of time and allow you to carve a new path.  Of course as a primarily party-based cleric, I don't have much use for the critical hit bonus that the cat ears and tail would give, but being that we do a lot of standing around while others scramble to stun, mock, poison, and burn our oponents to a crisp, why not look ultra-kawaii doing so?  Let's flash those pretty pixels together shall we?" -- AutumnsVeil

Level 96 Paladin, future Guardian (END Build with hints of STR/SPR)
Weapon of Choice:  TBK Mace and +9 Holy Shield
Current Stomping Ground:  Temple of Spirit - Boss Room, Swamp of Dawn - Mimics
Mode of Transportation - Simian Circus and Tiger Raccoon
Permanent Items:  Yellow Menian, Red Wedding Costume, Lantern Hammer Skin (10k), Wintertide Hammer Skin (25k), Cold Hearted Hammer Skin (25k), Stargazer Hammer Skin (3k), Trumpy Hearts Mace Skin (10k), Platinum Crown.
Other Items of Note:  Caimito Mace (Level 50 Blue), Shield of Caimito (Level 50 Blue)



  1. It should totally go on your fighter, I feel bad for her not having any perm gears D:<


  2. do u have 50v blues the weps. or are it skins ??

  3. Ashy,
    Thanks for the input!

    I do not own any Cabal Skins.. if I did, they would be listed with the permanent items ^. ~ thanks for reading =)

  4. Your fighter should get them. She needs some nice things too. D:

  5. It would look best on your warlock!

  6. Haha, I'm a cleric freak. Autumn deserves it :) She looks prettiest too ;)

    - Chinsky

  7. i think you should stick it on your fighter lol.. or your archer.. they need it the most for grinding and solo'ing with crits and such... and sorry about all the grammatical errors lol it's late atm


  8. Warlock or SS. D:

  9. >.> Screw this I'm showing WinterLace some love... Deep in my heart I'm still waiting for her to be refurbished and used for the good fight. I will at that time drop everything and run to you with spoiling open arms. Thus being said, in anticipation of our unplanned marriage, WinterLace should recieve these gifts and your knight to be should be taken back under your wing. <3


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