Thursday, August 26, 2010

Decision 2010 - The Conversation

Today is the first installment in a series of light hearted debate between the four candidates vying for possession of the Permanent White Cat Ears and Tail that was rewarded during the Isyan Explorer series of events hosted by OutSpark.

You have previously gotten to know a little about our candidates in my first posting at the conclusion of the Event Series.  At this time, I would like to thank the GMs and OutSpark staff for their efforts in running a fabulous series of events that players got to participate in via the Forums, on FaceBook, and in-game.

I now turn the podium over to StormyRain our Special Guest Host for the evening.

"Thank you Dhara and welcome everyone.  Tonight we will be having an open forum between the four lovely contestants.. oops, I mean 'candidates', that will decide which of them will ultimately get to prance around Isya cosplaying as my sultry, I mean a cute kitten.  So let's get the ball rolling shall we?  First question is to FatalLace.  How wonderful is your husband?"

"I don't really feel that question is appropriate for this debate.  But he's truly wonderful and I am eternally devoted to him." *wink*

"AHEM!..... I really don't think shameless flirting with the host should be tolerated, the winner should be chosen on their strength of character, good will in the community and their ability to successfully play their class and represent all of us in the best possible light."

"Yeah that's what losers say.  You have no chance nub, why are you even here?  Shouldn't you be selling overpriced scrolls and apples or something?"

"For your information, I no longer sell scrolls and apples.  I passed that legacy to HeavensVengeance, my protege.  If you spent more time at home keeping up on current events, you would know.  Instead you're out doing god-knows-what.  Some of us feel the responsibility to work and vend to make money for this household.  Sure I long for adventure, but I know my role."

"Fine. Fine.  Hey Winter, you ever see the inside of Secret Lab?  Oh wait, you're still a 9x nub.  Go grind and then come back and talk."

" ........ "

"I haven't seen the inside of the Lab either.  Is it particularly scary?  Maybe there are clues there about who I used to be.  I'll be there soon, just 4 more levels of Mimics to go... I must stay focused."

"Is it scary?  The mobs look like WinterLace in the morning.  Does that answer your question?"

"I see your point."

" ......... "

"Rawr.... catty... before this conversation gets too heated, why don't you all cooldown, change into your lingerie and join me for the PillowFight portion of the event?" (starts removing clothing)

" ......... "

"Hmm, no?  I swear that was on the agenda.... I'll have to talk it over with programming.  Okay, so next question!  What is your idea of the perfect day in Fiesta?"

 "My perfect day would be a day spent alone with the man in my life, enjoying the scenery... a sunlit waterfall that hits you with a cool mist of water every so often... a walk through a forest feeling the moss squish between our toes... maybe building sand castles on the beach..."

"So no killing of monsters?  Where's your sense of adventure?  Where's your explorer's spirit?  Afraid to chip a nail?  Dirty a dress?"

"How I spend my time is really not your concern.  I have accomplished much in Isya already, I don't feel the need to continue grinding at this point, when I can do so much good in other areas that benefit everyone."

"You're just lazy.  You're just so darn concerned with your appearance and your image.  If a dirty dress is really your concern, geez... just give it to Winter, that's why we keep her around."

" ........"

"Fay, your Advanced Concentration Set has been repaired btw. *sigh*"

"Yeah some noob in Elderine ran off with one of my shoulder pads.  I Blinded him and hit him with Distant Shot at about 20 meters he survived, so I fired a Slow Arrow at him.  That arrow followed him all the way to the Midnight Tomb gate!  He went down like a ton of bricks.  He damn near ripped the wing off.  Thanks for fixing that, I'll bring you back some Tasty Meat next time I'm out.  I know how you Warriors like to eat meat."

"  .........  "

"My perfect day would involve grinding with my husband Jiraiya in Temple of Spirit followed up by some buffing time in Elderine, people are so grateful when I cast Endure on them."

 "So you actually enjoy all those BUFF PLZ spams?  If I were you, I would just pretend to be AFK.  I'm not a cleric, but it works for me."

"Would you mind putting some clothes on, you're making me uncomfortable.  But to answer your question, sure some people can be obnoxious, but really I don't mind it.  I've embraced it, it's just part of a cleric's daily life.  I'm hoping one of them somehow has a clue that can help me recover my lost memories..."

"Geez, I get cursed at for telling people that I won't powerlevel them."

"At least people talk to you.  I'm basically invisible in any town... My perfect day is spent helping people complete their quests in Dragon's Tomb.  With a dearth of true Tanks in Isya, someone like me is of great benefit to a party."

"You do realize that all those people you helped have now gone on to 95, Prestige, and beyond right?  And you just sit there at level 90.  Frozen in time."

"Yes, I know.  It's okay, I can live vicariously through them.  I know my role and am comfortable with it."

"Speaking of roles... you mind restringing my bow?  I spent 2 hours wiping out Phouches last night... What did you do?"

"I vended.  Why do you even need this White Cat Costume?  You already have the permanent Black Cat Ears... wouldn't this just be a waste?"

"Pfft... you know what a waste is?  A glorified vendor that is decked out in full +9/+10 equipment.  When's the last time you even killed anything?"

"I saw her grinding on Fire Titans one morning last week.  She scrolled up, activated a bunch of those 7-day crit pieces that Aunt Remi donates to us.  You know, the ones that we never use because they're just not fashionable?"

"Eww Aunt Remi's castoffs.  Oh wow, Winter, they actually let you out of Uruga?  You were there so long I thought they were going to make you an NPC!  So how long did this grind session last exactly?"

"34 minutes."

"Funny, that's about how long it takes me to even get ready to go out adventuring.  So why so short?  Why only 34 minutes?" 

"You logged in.  Stormy called you to go to Leviathan's Nest, they needed a mage and we all know how he likes to stare at you so of course you were his first choice.  And one of us has to look after the house so I came back."

"Okay ladies I am back and in my finest outfit.  Nothing reeks 'Success' like a man in a red plaid suit.  So next question... If you were to seduce a man, how would you go about doing it?  Feel free to use me as a prop."

" ...... "

"What?  This is for the sake of the public!  They need to know this information before they can vote!  I stake my pristine reputation and integrity behind the necessity of each well-thought-out question!"

*All turn away in silence*

"FINE! FINE! Next ques-"

"No offense Fatal I know he's your husband and all, but just what in the heck is he wearing?  I know he's explained this errr... fashion choice to you before, you mind explaining it to us?  Like what is with the giant clock?"

" ....... "

"He said it's a status symbol, but I've seen him constantly polishing it when we're out together. I've secretly witnessed him use it to hypnotize other girls before we met.  I don't think he's used it on me before."

"HEY!  I've seen that clock before!"

"That might explain some things about your missing memory Autumn."

*starts to sweat*

"OMG!!  I have some questions for YOU now StormyR-"

"Nobody cares Autumn, you're better like this.  So anyway, the bunny tail?"

" ....... "


"How masculine!"

"The tail is a Pheromone Emitter.  You do know what they say about the procreation abilities of rabbits right?"

" !!!!!!!!!! "

"THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME!  Next question!  If there were three adv-"

"And what's the story on the gloves?"



"He hasn't said, but I suspect it has something to do with covering up potential evidence.  It's only in this particular suit that he wears gloves."

"We would like to have a word with you Mr. Rain.  Please follow me."

(the four candidates quietly leave the stage)


*Tomahawks Shutian*




"Okay, now that that is taken care of... ladies, shall we retire to my chambers for some one-on-one and group session interviews?"

"Ladies?  Hello?"


  1. LMFAO this post is absolutely histerical i love it... This post has just made my day :D keep up the good work ^^ you and stormy both lmao!

    -- Thomas

  2. yeah i still say poor winterlace should get it


  3. Damn straight Ashy D! I can provide the TLC that Stormy never did!

  4. <3 hahahahahha amazing


  5. Haha. :] Funny. Nice blog Fatal! If I have time I'll read others.


  6. Lmao Fatal, epic post (blog?). These always seem to make my day x]

  7. What colorful personalities and conversational storytelling you bring to almost universally look-alike character models in Fiesta (barring those with cash shop items). You really brought together elements of the Fiesta world we know and then gave it life through engaging characters.

    A hypnosis clock necklace eh? Hmm...


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