Thursday, October 6, 2011

Extreme Makeover - Remi Edition

"Greetings everyone!  As you all know, my name is Remi.  I'm the first person to greet you when you arrive in Isya.  I meet tons of new people everyday, and while I can't help them all, I do try to help a few here and there that I feel are most deserving."

"So let's see who we have here today... hmm... 'PrettyPrincess313' pass, with a name like that she sounds like a gold digger.  Who else... 'SmokinYouNoobs' no, too hmm... controversial.  'GoldNP', wait him again?  I'll call the guards later... oh! Here's one!  'WinterLace' she sounds lovely!"

"WinterLace!  WinterLace!  Hey there!"

"Hmm?  Huh?"

"Remember me?  I am Remi, the guide for beginners!"

"Oh.  Err, what's up?  I still know where to get HP stones at."

"Haha!  You're so silly!  How would YOU like to get an Extreme Makeover courtesy of yours truly?"

"Oh, I guess that sounds cool.  What do I have to do?"

"For the low, low price of 1500sc, I'll offer you a prize!"

"Wait, what?  This sounds like a scam."

"A scam?!  I am Remi!  I am the first person that greets you when you arrive here!  It's only 1500sc, look at all the cool stuff you can win!  Permanent Costumes!  30-day Costumes!  Mounts!  Charms!  Exclusive items found no where else!"


"Wow!  I can win all those items for just 1500sc?  I did just hit level 95, maybe I do deserve to treat myself to something nice!"

 "Yes you should reward yourself!  Just think of all the FABULOUS prizes!  A winner EVERY TIME!"

"Cool, I'm in.  I've got 4,500sc left, man I really want to win a Permanent Costume, that Lovesick costume is great!  But I'd be satisfied with something for 30-days too.  What a deal!"

"Alrighty, I'll take that first 1,500sc, go ahead and take a pull on that lever!  Good luck!"

"Alright, here goes....."

"Congratulations!  You won Heart Fireworks!  Would you like to keep this or trade it in for a Credit?"

"Fireworks?  What the.... I definitely don't need that, I burned down parts of Alberstoll the last time I was trusted with those... I'll take a credit.  Two more spins, my luck's gotta improve!"

"Okay another 1,500sc please.  Thanks.  Go ahead and pull again!"

"C'mon perms!"

 "Wow!  Congrats!  You won a 7-day Tiger Hoodie!  This is one of the wonderful EXCLUSIVES I was telling you about!  This will look fabulous on you and it has an amazing 3% critical bonus!  Would you like to keep it or turn it in for a Credit?"

"Uh, I guess I'll keep it.  It's something I can use afterall.  And you did say it was exclusive!"

*giggles* "Undoubtedly!  Are you ready for your last try?  I'll take that final 1,500sc from you.  Thanks, good luck!"

"Cross my fingers, last pull!"

 "Wow!  Listen to all that fanfare music!  You won a 7-day Tiger Costume!  You completed the tiger set!  You have the EXCLUSIVE hoodie AND the costume!  So rare, so chic, so cosmopolitan, and a 7% crit bonus to boot!  Rawr!  You want to keep this right?"

"Err yeah I guess so, I guess I can use it and it's all Tiger stuff so it'll match!"

"Great!  So now that you've won TWO FAAAAAAABULOUS prizes, why not try them on and see how you look?"

"Uh, okay.... here goes."

"AHAHAHHA! *points* "Another satisfied customer of Remi's!  Now THAT is an EXTREME Makeover!  Enjoy your items!  Ignore the laughs, they're clearly laughing WITH you and not AT you!"

*sigh*  "What is this, I don't even--"

"Oh hey Winter!  Congrats on 95!  Umm.. what's with the get up?  Early for Halloween?"

"No, I was talking to Remi and -"

"Oh no, you didn't!"

"I did, I played three times and won these items.  You look great by the way, what costume is that?"

"Oh this?  It's called the Holy Rebirth."

"Wow, it's pretty... how much was it?"

"I got it on sale!  It was a little over 4500sc!"

"Oh my god....."

"Wait, why?  You look umm... great? too!  We spent about the same, and hey at least yours is good for 30-days too just like mine!"

"Err, no.  These are 7-day items."

"Poor Winter, can you ever win?" *whispers* "You do know that they call that Tiger Hoodie the "Hood of Shame" right?  Remi gives that to all her victims..."

"Nope.  But I can see why..."  *sigh*  "Really wish I had kept those fireworks, Remi's box would make fine kindling...."


  1. *trying* to post!

  2. Winter winter..RAWR! *random post

  3. That is why I never spend sparkcash on remi

  4. Enjoyed the dialogue and pictures!

  5. LOL This was creative. Made me laugh.

    Although it almost made me choke on my lasagna. x.x


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