Monday, October 25, 2010

Secret Laboratory - Blind Shot Set Completed!

Some of you around Bijou may have seen me carrying around this really unique, epic looking bow.  Some have asked what it is, and I gladly explain.  Many have asked to see it in trade window or in a vendor, but I can't because like the 100 blue sets before this one, the 105 blues are also Soul Bound.  I could drop it on the ground so you could pick it up and look at it yourself, but being the only bow of its kind on Bijou the likelihood of that occurring is nil.

The Blind Shot Set is the SharpShooter blue armor set that is acquired from the Secret Laboratory (100-110) Instance Dungeon located in Alberstoll Ruins.  It is an extremely difficult Instance.

As you can see in the compiled screenshot above, the set I do have is not great by any means, some of the pieces are statless, the bow has only SPR, etc... but the base stats are a lot better than the 95+9 set I was using even with the 105 set unenhanced.  The only detriment to my statwindow switching from the 95s to the 105s was a decrease in HP.  I did see slight decreases in Aim, SP, M.dmg also, but those are fairly inconsequential to me.  Below are my stats, cookied, you can compare the 95+9 to the 105+0.

Epic 95+9 Nature Set:

Fairly Rubbish 105+0 Blind Shot Set

So there you have it.  Simple reason enough to ditch the 95s, no matter how godly, for 105s no matter how garbage!

Alright, so now that my set has been completed.  How are the effects?  Being that this set's effects are strictly for  PvP, I don't get to take advantage of it very often.  Most of the SharpShooters were so delighted to see that Blind Shot sees an increase in duration since it only lasts about 5 secs and we cannot empower its duration at all.  However, I did warn that if the set followed traditional bonuses of other sets in Fiesta, we'd see a 25-30% increase in duration.  But when you factor in the fact that the skill itself only lasts 5 seconds, 25-30% of a bonus is only a little more than 1 sec of additional blind-time.  Big whoopin' deal.

The reduction in Cool Down is a definite plus though, SP consumption as always is just ridiculous to have on a skill that you can only cast every few minutes.

So while I am definitely pleased to have this set completed, it's a little bittersweet.  I wish the 5th tier effect actually made more of a difference, but unfortunately it doesn't.


  1. Hello, this is a fellow ranger here in legel server :D i would like to ask whats the set for ranger in lvl 105 and its name. so far in legel there is no news of it yet :D

    103 ranger

  2. Hi princess.. thanks for visiting and commenting. I will see about getting some screenies or at least some info about the rest of the SL sets in a future posting

  3. if I am not mistaken, that bow is also what lvl 110 bows are supposed to look like, the 110 mage wand and staff is epic looking

  4. Thanks FatalLace for being giving such contributions to Fiestians :D would love to hear of more of SL sets available. But its hard to get a complete set as seldom people in legel actually farms SL. But if i managed to get the set, do you think its advicable to enhance them?

    104 ranger


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