Friday, October 8, 2010

Quest for Titles - Silent, Marathon, Monster Hunting

Going to be trying to get these titles over the weekend since I have guests and won't be online much.... so if I'm ignoring your whisper, I apologize in advance.  I will be taking up residence in Gold Cave.

This weekend's targets:

Silent Titles:
Stammerer - Stay silent for 4 consecutive hours. (Completed previously)
Quiet - Stay silent for 24 consecutive hours.
Silent - Stay silent for 48 consecutive hours.
Speechless - Stay silent for 76 consecutive hours.

Marathon Titles:
Fiesta Rookie - Stay logged in 5 consecutive hours. (Completed previously)
Fiesta Citizen - Stay logged in 8 consecutive hours. (Completed previously)
Fiesta Defender - Stay logged in for 24 consecutive hours (1 day).
Fiesta Guardian - Stay logged in for 48 consecutive hours (2 days).
Fiesta Guard Captain - Stay logged in for 96 consecutive hours (4 days).
Fiesta Fan - Stay logged in for 120 consecutive hours (5 days).

Monster Hunting:

Monster Hunter - Make 1,000 consecutive kills on the same monster on the same map without logging off. (Completed previously)
Monster Killer -
Monster Terminator -
Monster Slayer -

Okay, some of you may wonder how I plan to get the Monster Hunting title set when @ 105, I'm far above the level of the mobs that are in Gold Cave... well you can also acquire these titles from farmable items like ores, saps, herbs, mushrooms, etc... Did you ever notice that you can auto-attack them to gather?

I had already piced up the Monster Hunter title during grinding... it is unknown what the criteria is for Monster Killer, but if I get there, I'll be sure to post the info.  I'm only at about 120 ores farmed (easily calculated by keeping an LQ Ore on one of my hotkeys) as of this update.

Will update this posting from time to time.  Wish me luck and a steady connection!

8:18pm (Local Time Oct 8) - The Journey Begins.....

8:01am (Local Time Oct 9) update -  well i've made it this far without a disconnect!

12:09pm (Local Time Oct 9) update - still connected!  wOOt!

2:23pm (Local Time Oct 9) update - still connected...... mined a few more ores... yay. =)

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  1. Wow, once again nicely done with this post. :) Be sure to get in touch with me on the rest one the monster hunter titles and when I get fiesta back on my laptop and running I plan to get the fiesta fan/speechless title. I think the Monster slayer would have to wait till I have more time away from sports to complete it. I currently have Monster Hunter/Fiesta defender/silent. Well once again great job, and good luck!


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