Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Event Quest - Zombie Invasion!

In celebration of Halloween, OutSpark has released a new event quest called Zombie Invasion.  You can pick it up from Shutian in Elderine.  He tasks you with gathering 50 Healing Herbs which can be acquired farming flowers throughout Isya.  The reward for completing the quest is a 7-day version of the new Type1 Zombie Dance which is based off of the dancing from the 'Thriller' video by Michael Jackson, the rewarded dance is half of the dance in the embedded video.  Pretty inventive! (Video and Screenshot above Copyright of Outspark, Inc.)

So it's simple right?  Find some flowers, grab the Healing Herbs, turn em in.... right?  Wrong.

What proves difficult is the drop rate on the flowers.  If unimpeded, you can probably gather about 10 of these quest drops in an hour (you will need 50 total drops).  If you're competing for drops with other players, expect that rate to drop tremendously as you bite, claw, and scratch your way for every flower spawn.

Alright, so you're hard-headed enough to still want to do this quest even after I warned you.  So where do you go?  Everyone knows about this spot in Roumen right, the one with the Flower spawns on both sides of the path?  Problem is that everyone-else-knows-about-this-spot-in-Roumen.  Expect to fight off waves of veterans and newbies alike as people go for the obvious.  Here are a few other spots that you should try if you want to avoid the drama that always surrounds events like this:

Sea of Greed:  You remember this spot from farming all those low level mushrooms right?  Well there's 4 flower spawns in this area, but you could also travel via mover to the other spot in the middle of the map to get 1 more.  But... leaving your area leaves you open to losing your original spot.  One other drawback to SOG farming is that the flowers blend in with the environment making them a bit harder to spot from a distance.  There are 2 more flower spawns out on the right side of the map giving you a total of 7 farmables.  I don't think there are any flowers that spawn out on the sandy areas, feel free to check if you like and let me know.

Burning Hill:  Depending on your aggro level, to me, the best place is actually Burning Hill.  You know, that seldom used map where you beat down Marlone?  Yeah that one... the one with that Kebing Speeder that tormented you and gave you that unbearable Slow Movement Speed debuff that turned you into a smurf, the one with the really weird pink lighting at times... throughout Burning Hill there are a total of 10, yes TEN flower spawns.  If you have a fast enough mover, you are capable of running the entire map and have free reign over all of the spawns.  If you're stuck moseying along on a Hobby horse, you're better off just camping in the fort near Marlone since there are 4 flowers there that spawn close together.  One thing to consider also is that the respawn times on the flowers is slow and for some reason, don't always respawn in the order you picked them.  During downtime, you can always help out an appreciative newbie by beating the stuffing out of Marlone for them as well.

Collapsed Prison:  Collapsed Prison?!?  What?!  Yeah, CP.  Believe it or not, CP actually has 12 flower spawns spread out around the map.  There are a few clusters here and there that make farming easier, so if you don't want to travel far, or are multi-tasking while farming, this is another alternative.  Of course being safe while farming is also key, so you should probably only farm here if you can safely navigate the map, I think you stop aggroing all monsters on this map by level 70 or so (Karasian Arch Templar is the highest mob on the map, I didn't check what level he was).

So hopefully this little briefing helps you navigate the madness and avoid the drama associated with gathering Event Quests.  Please do keep in mind that the locations mentioned above are not exact as the flowers do not respawn in the exact same place, you may need to just search the surrounding area to find it.  Hopefully this helps you all think outside of the box when it comes to tackling event quests.  The Event Quest runs from October 20th through November 2nd.  Best of luck to you all!

Step1:  Pick Up Event Quest from Shutian in Elderine

Step2:  Find a Map Free from the Madness
Step3:  Celebrate Each Drop As If It Were Your Last!
Step4:  Repeat for 49 More Drops.  Expect to be here a while....


  1. Great info about to flower areas... but if i'm not mistaken aren't there like 10 flowers behind the building that marlone resides in front of? I used to go there all the time to farm event drops from flowers, also if your lucky ive gotten event flower drops from mushies. Less drop rate, but they drop every once in awhile.
    -- Thomas

  2. If you mean that skinny area just behind that house, there's nothing there, I checked... just some mobs in the far corner.

    The Isya Blossoms used to drop from almost any farmable, aside from ores, but sadly this isn't the case this time. It has to be flowers.

  3. Love the last Screen Shot haha!


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