Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fiesta's Worst Quests - Part II

Once again, we delve into the land of horrible quests.  I talked about this in the past here, but these ugly adventures just keep popping up.  I even listed this particular quest on that other blog posting, but I'm just so frustrated at this point that this particular quest deserves a second mention.

Ironically, or possibly intentionally, this chain of quests is called "Final Rest".  Each quest in this four-part series requires just a single drop.  Easy right?  Ho ho ho, no.  You would think that, but it just get progressively worse and worse.

Buoyed by the ongoing Attendance Event, I find myself playing my alts a bit more trying to use their mandatory 1 hour of in-game time to its fullest.  I've spent time picking herbs and toadstools, soloing low level KQs like Mara, chatting and dancing in Elderine, and also questing.  Since my Trickster is now 92, I decided to finally do the Final Rest, or "Luna" as I call it, quest chain.

The first drop, "Luna's Breath" isn't so bad, you do have to travel all the way into Flaming Mine to kill some Cursed Knights, but that's simple enough.  At least we can now ride a mount in Flaming Mine, we used to have to hike it back there.  The Cursed Knights die quickly and if there's nobody farming that particular land bridge, there are an ample number of them to slaughter.  There's also an added benefit of scooping up some Bellow Knight or Titanic Bellow Knight weapons while you try to attain that elusive quest drop.  Took me about an hour to get this.

The second drop, "Luna's Eye" is a bit harder, you now step up to the Cursed Knight Silvers a little further in.  They're a bit harder, but not by much.  Unfortunately there is nothing of value that they drop aside from maybe a license and a "B" rank card if you're a collector of such.  I think this took me about 2 hours.

The third drop, which I'm now stuck on, is the "Luna's Heart" quest drop.  This particular quest requires you to kill Cursed Knight Golds.  They are much harder than the Silvers, they hit harder and they have a lot more defense and HP.  On a lucky day, you may get some level 95 jewelry from them, but it's unlikely.  I've now been doing this quest for five days straight.  Five days, over one hour each day.  Not a single drop.  To add to the ridiculousness of this quest, I've now picked up 16 Cursed Knight Gold "A"-rank Cards.  I've already registered one on each of my characters on my main account and have this many remaining:

This is a pain.  I blow through SP stones really quickly on my Trickster and even more so when I happen to wander a bit too close to the Cursed Knight Lord, with whom I'll do battle with in the last part of the quest chain.

I don't remember this quest being THAT bad in years past, it was frustrating, but never to this extent.  I had a 105 Wizard friend help me out today for about 30 minutes, but to no avail, still no drop (thanks Lorcan!).  I know the last part will be particularly bad, especially with the 10 minute respawn time of the quest mob, but I need to get that far before I can complain about it. Wish me luck!


  1. Cards and the new weapon gems have decreased the drop rate of some items.

  2. Strangely, I have fond memories doing these so called worst quest with you

  3. its been this way for over 1 year i gave up doing it after like 3 days of farming there on my alts


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