Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guest Blogger: Aerro's Path to Gold (Michelle_Aerro)

Hey everyone, I wanted to thank my first contributor/guest blogger, Michelle_Aerro.  She came up with the clever idea of seeing how quickly 1 Gold could be made starting from scratch.  She didn't get any assistance from other players, nor did she benefit from academy rewards.... she went from lint in her pockets, to her first gold in about 9 hours.  So how'd she do it?  Here's how:

I mostly did this to test myself, but as a after thought I was thinking others might find it intresting. I Made this character on a account that I have had but never used so there would not be anything in storage to get mixed up with the new stuff. I also did it on a server where I am not as well known so less people would try to talk to me or help me.
00:00 Create Golden_Aerro .... and so the journey begins.

00:07 Got Buffed

00:18 Level 5

00:59 Level 8

01:16 Level 10, Going to Roumen to get Reward for Essential Gift.

01:20 Using Hobby Horse (7 Day) to get to Uruga.

01:22 waiting for a lure to pull monsters.

01:25 I am in Uruga, now my plan is to farm Wood, Herb, and Mushroom to get to 1 gold.

01:30 9s 976c Start Farming Ramsear, Dangerous Toadstool, Fragrant Mushrooms, Basil, and Sap (High Quality) to sell to Purchase Stores and NPC. The other drops I will keep for now.

01:38 32s 307c

01:49 52s 634c

02:34 158s 962c

02:46 Dance Break @ cc, I need to get a drink and a snack. This is going to take longer than I expected, there are too many people farming today.

02:57 199s 362c

03:33 274s 860c

05:13 492s 460c

06:33 702s 640c

07:32 839s 560c
08:54 1g 16s 460c

I probably could have done this a little faster, but I am still happy with the results. I went from creation to having one gold in about nine hours.

So there you have it, from rags to semi-riches in 9 hours!  Amazing!


  1. Props. Now I know what to tell acads that beg for money =p

  2. Oh wow, but how did you manage to dodge hits from orcs, pinkies and king mushrooms at that level? Or do they ignore you if you are lvl 10?

  3. You just need to be sneaky. I am good at that.

  4. do you constantly have to be a ninja throughout the whole journey?

  5. Yes I had to be a paranoid schizophrenic ninja sprinter. I found not only did I have to watch out for monsters, but some players were also a danger to me. I had to watch for anything to be too close or spawn next to me, then if they were going to attack me I had to run fast.

  6. So the first step is to stop being a lazy ass and get to level ten. Then hobby it up to Uruga. Then farm. Sounds awesome!!! Thanks so much!

  7. LoL i would go bigg ppl better omg
    9hours for that >>>>>>>>>>>>>.<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  8. Or you could work for 9 hours and buy a gem from a gold selling site 8D jk

  9. that was the only way that I found to make money ^o^
    but because I have a lvl 61 fighter I can kill some mobs and take other things so is easy for me
    goot info :)

  10. This way of making money fails oO 1g in 9 hours.....

  11. I made 1,5G is 10 minutes. With fast mount and no mobs- taunt tho

  12. ^ Disregard that, I'm an idiot.

  13. 1g in 9 Hours ? LolMfao dude ,where u from mars ?


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