Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun for the Day: A Lil Bit of Evil

You know, as a Cleric, you just get a lil bit sick and tired of all the "BUFF PLZ" as you try to make your way around town.  Can't a girl window-shop in peace without noobs swarming her?  So sometimes, you know, you want to placate them by just giving them their stupid buff and sending them on their way... but with a semi-evil twist.

Wahahaah.... the Buff-You-But-Don't-Heal-You technique!  Suck on that noobs!


  1. LOL Fatal. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does this.

  2. huh? how is that evil? I never did heal after I buff whenever I am on a cleric. Never Did.

  3. ^---That's because you are 100% E V I L ....

  4. I only heal the people that are under 20, or in my party. I mean you can't expect a level 5 to house for 10 minutes or use all the stones they have to fill that health!

  5. I was thinkin put your buff on t1 when in intense areas. but now ill t1 buff and NOT heal.

  6. LOL. Sometimes I make them work for my own amusement - "Dance for buff" xD

  7. Lmao. I just do t1 buffs and remove my safe set. :D if I am in a non-buff mood, that is.

  8. I have a habbit of making them use proper grammar.
    Heres a scenario:

    Noob: BUFF PLZ
    Me: Say please.
    Me: Fine then. No is shorter than yes.

    And by doing this i have made Isya's community a little less dumb every day.


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