Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just an Update....

Well I promised an update of what I've been up to, so here it is!

After finally leveling WinterLace to 100 and finishing up her Gladiator promotion, I had to choose another character to focus on.  Since my 91 Mage, Dharalyn, was the next closest to prestige, I figured I'd just take that on next.

The Leviathan's Nest "grind" is fairly easy once you're able to make it down to the bottom.  I do not know whether the technique used to grind there is truly an exploit or just clever use of a game mechanic, but it's there and quite literally, hundreds of players are using this strategy to level up fairly quickly through the normally rough 9x levels, myself included.

I've always wanted a Wizard, particularly after my old guild, Ryekarayn and I, put together all of the completed Leviathan's Nest armor sets.  I particularly liked the Wizard set especially compared to the weird Warlock set.  The floppy witch hat is particularly appealing to me.  The Skeleton summon, along with Blink are okay I suppose, but oddly to some, not my general want out of my Wizard.  I do have a sneaking suspicion that once the Thunderbolt AOE is finally released, that it will be a Wizard-only skill.  I've been waiting three years for this skill and when it finally becomes available, I'd love to be able to use it.

I don't know how far I'll take the Wizard character.  In a matter of about 9 days, I've managed to get from 91 up to 98, using some 1-day and LH EXP Boost cards along the way.  Since the Leveling Bundles were on sale this past weekend, I used that opportunity to snatch up an Elite Bundle and activated it on her.  She's only 2 levels away from prestige, but she still has probably 27 days or so remaining on that bundle.  I guess I can continue to stick it out in LN through the expiration of that bundle or passing the 105 LN cap, whichever comes first. 

I also made an offer on a +10 Manitcore Staff, stats aren't great, but it's priced @7 Gems and the fact that it's already enhanced is uber appealing to me.  I really hate enhancing.  Whether the buyer will eventually sell it to me is another story.  The offer I've made is over a week old now and she hasn't been fielding better offers despite roaring about it daily.  If I do end up owning that Staff, that's definitely a bit of extra motivation to at least hit 105.

Some of the more observant of you (yes, you HolyD) have also noticed some activity on my HolyKnight, AutumnsVeil.  This is also attributable to Leviathan's Nest.  Thankfully my future-Wiz and my HK are on separate accounts, I'm able to play both simultaneously or use one or the other depending on the party's needs.

Being that Clerics in our guild are in somewhat short supply, I've been asked to fill in in that role at times.  While I had dreaded it at first, it's actually not so bad.  I have my progression of skills pretty much locked down, maximizing party damage, EXP gain, and survivability of the Mages/Archers in particular.  I'm actually having fun playing the HK role.  So much so that I even bought her a 50% EXP boost card! 

So how far will I take Autumn?  Again, I don't know.  I was fortunate enough to win a "Mace" Shield from the Lucky House in week one of its release.  Unfortunately, I think, I haven't gotten the offers I had hoped I'd get for it.  So pretty much, I've decided to just keep it.  I continue to vend it from time to time, but most of the offers I get are in the 2-3 Gem range, not at all what I would consider selling it for since the LH Orange rate is awfully low.  (Just FYI, I play about 8.5g worth of LH red capsules daily and that Shield is still the only Orange I managed to acquire through capsules).

Some other projects on the horizon, getting my 87 Archer up to Ranger (she's not listed on my character screen as I use her to really just get away from everyone) and possibly leveling up my Trickster again.  A cap raise was mentioned in the latest OSKI, so these future project may get put further on the back burner.

If a cap raise were to come, I'd want to switch my focus back to my SharpShooter... unfortunately, she's currently still 108 with only about 30% EXP gain.  Still a long way off from hitting the current level cap.

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  1. Ah, and there I was wondering why u lvl pretty fast ^^
    Gamigo said the EXP of the snakes were bugged (which they used as reason to remove the 105 Cap Raise reward after it was over long ago) so the EU version has drawn the short straw, and lvling from 90+ to 103 for the repeatable quests takes quite some time.
    Well I got a little question there, are multiaccounts allowed in the OS version? Was just wondering because you openly state that your mage is on a different account that your holy.
    Have Fun lvling there :)


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